Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wegman's Sushi, Downingtown, Pa

I like Sushi. Now what I know about sushi could fill a matchbook cover and I'm not an aficionado like my friend Pasquale is, but I like it. What I really like is tuna and salmon which taste great raw. Heck, raw fish is nothing proprietary to the Japanese, the French call it en crue and the Italians call it cerviche.

It's interesting that certain foods have developed a mystique surrounding them, like French food seeming to be so expensive and exotic and sushi was the exotic food of the '90's. It became Yuppie status food, especially when washed down with a martini. Since then sushi has become almost mainstream and, with the exception of a few rare things that can kill you, sushi is not all that complicated and can be found almost anywhere.

One of my favorite places for Sushi is, believe it or not, Wegman's supermarket in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Yes, it is supermarket sushi. Yes, it is a tad bit overpriced for take away. However, it is always fresh and tasty since they make it right there and they turn it over fast. The people who make it are friendly and helpful, just ask any question and they will happily answer. They are also Japanese. Okay that sounds odd and I've had good sushi made for me by a Mexican in a Chinese restaurant, but sushi should be made by the Japanese.

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