Thursday, December 21, 2017

Benny's Big Time Pizzeria- Wilmington, NC

Benny's Big Time Pizzeria is the brainchild of Vivian Howard and Ben Knight, you may know them from the PBS show A Chef's Life, and it is their third restaurant, the other two being in Kinston. We decided to stop by and see what all the hype was. 

The restaurant sits in an old factory in a section of the city that is up and coming, and should be a good draw to the area. 

Inside it is well appointed with a modern design, an open kitchen, and a bar where you can sit and eat (a plus for single diners). The staff is friendly and for a place that's only been open a week, they have their act together. 

There were three of us so we decided to sample a range of items. Of course one was a pizza, the Margherita, and it was excellent.  We had the chicken fried parm, quite possibly the best fried chicken I have ever had and my mission now is to duplicate it at home. And we had the Risotto a la vodka, also excellent. Add in two beers, they have a nice draft selection including some local breweries, and the tab came to about $55. Not bad for an upscale restaurant.

Benny's Big Time Pizzeria is a place you have to visit sometime, but get there early as it started to get crowded at about 5:30 on a Thursday. Check out their website for more information.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

East Branch Brewing- Downingtown, PA

Stopped by the East Branch Brewing in Downingtown today and it is a really neat place. Friendly people, excellent beers, and nice atmosphere. I tried the double IPA and it had a nice clean taste.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saint Stan's Polish Festival- Castle Hayne, NC

We recently moved to Wilmington, North Carolina after our retirements. Okay, we have been coming down for close to nine years as we have children and grandchildren here, but this is our new home. One thing that was important to us was finding a new church home and we have found one in Saint Stanislaus Catholic Church in Castle Hayne, about three mile from the house. 

Now this church has an amazing event once a year that is their major fundraiser and that is the Polish Festival. About five-thousand people descend on this little parish and I am amazed at how well it is run. 

The number of volunteers from the parish is astounding, and the help from local law enforcement is great. 

Front Street Brewery, a favorite of mine, brews a special Saint Stan's Baltic Porter for the event. 

The food is excellent and there is no admission charge, nor parking charge. 

Okay, if you are reading this now you missed it for this year, but definitely go next year. 

I decided to focus on the people who volunteered their time to make this event come together.

These are the faces of my new brothers and sisters in Christ at Saint Stan's.

As you can see, we are blessed. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Greek Gourmet- Monkey Junction

The Greeks moved from downtown Wilmington to a spot in a strip mall by WalMart in Monkey Junction a while ago. We have gone to the old location, but hadn't been to the new one yet. Today they were featured in the local paper and we headed there for lunch.

Excellent decision as the food was amazing. Perhaps on of, if not the best, gyros this guy has eaten, and I have had quite a few. Teresa got the chicken latter, also excellent.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Catch the Food Truck- Wilmington, NC

Wilmington has experienced an explosion of new micro-breweries in the past three years. I have eleven of them within ten miles of my house, and a few more are in the works. Add in the neat bottle shops and we are becoming a destination for good beer. 

Pairing with that growth is a multitude of food trucks and on any evening, or weekend day, one can find one of these food trucks parked at  brewery and I have sampled a few. I caught Catch the Food Truck (pun intended) at the third anniversary of Flytrap Brewing. Catch is the regular truck there. 

I had the crispy fish taco for eight bucks and it was excellent. My daughter and son-in-law had beef tacos and they were also excellent. 

I think I will be visiting their restaurant soon.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sour Barn- Wilmington, NC

Running down the list of breweries in the area we stopped by the Sour Barn on Market Street today. The layout is nice, and the design has a nice clean and bright feel to it with a neat beer garden in the back. 

This is part of the Broomtail Brewing enterprise and they feature mostly Broomtail products with a decent selection of sour beers. I like a moderate sour, not too tart, with some sweetness to balance it out. I had the Galloping Gose and it was a nice beer. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Watermans Brewing Company- Wilmington, NC

I have the pleasure of living within ten miles of eleven breweries, with another three coming. One of the newer ones that I finally got to is Watermans Brewing on Pavilion, just shy of Wrightsville Beach. I stopped by with my wife, daughter and son-in-law, and our granddaughter early on a Thursday night and we sat on the spacious porch. 

I did go in to wash up and was impressed with the layout and design. The place was bright, clean, and orderly. The concept is to honor people who make their living and their fun with the sea. Quite tastefully done. 

I decided on a flight of five for eight bucks and was quite pleased with the offerings. The one that impressed me the most, and I will stop by for a growler soon, was the Bar Pilot IPA at 7.1%. 

I ordered the burger at just under ten bucks and it was very good. I had a choice of sides and went with the homemade chips with a ranch dressing. My son-in-law had a tuna sandwich that he said was excellent. Natalie had the children's chicken fingers and the rest had a burger. Everyone left full and happy.

The service was excellent and friendly. When I asked for a sticker, I collect them from all of the places I visit, the waitress said they were out and went to her car to get one of her own for me. 

Check out Watermans Brewing and see what I mean. I might run into you there. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Greenwich Food + Wine Festival 2017 Faces

I thought I'd take a different look at the event this year and focus on some of the faces that helped bring about this amazing event. Some you will recognize instantly, some are soon to become famous. I'll post some food pictures tomorrow.