Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lambertville Station, Lambertville, NJ

We travel between Orange County New York and Chester County in Pennsylvania quite often and for some time we thought we'd found all of the decent restaurants along the way, and a few bad ones. Well, one day we strayed off the beaten path and discovered New Hope in Pennsylvania and Lambertville in New Jersey. Between these two small towns on the Delaware River, there must be at least fifty places to try. This should keep us busy for a long time. 

Today we cruised through the Pennsylvania side and couldn't find a place to park so over the river to Jersey we went. We found a parking spot a few blocks into town and walked back toward the river where we'd spotted the Lambertville Station. We looked at the menu they had outside, I love it when restaurants do this, and decided to give them a try. Before we did I thought that this could either be very good, or nothing more than a tourist trap.

The place is big, well it was a railroad station, with a large patio outside along banks of the canal, but it was too chilly for that so we went in. The upstairs dining area was a bit full with a fifteen minute wait and the hostess said we could put our name in, or go downstairs and maybe there was a table in the bar area, or the Tapas room. We went down and that hostess said that a table opened just up in the bar, and she was adamant that we grab it quick. We did. I looked around and it had a British Isles feel to it with lots of wood. 

The bartender brought us water and menus and we perused. It came down to fish and chips, a burger or eggs benedict. I ordered the Angus burger (see the picture above) with bacon and blue cheese for ten bucks and it came with fresh chips which were quite good. By the way, the blue cheese was not listed as an option but they can do pretty much whatever you ask for. I ordered it medium and when I ate it I realized it was closer to being well-done, but it was a darn good well-done burger retaining plenty of moisture without being greasy and it had plenty of flavor. The roll was sweet in taste, and very fresh.

Teresa had the small burger shown above. It was five ounces compared to my eight ounce burger and it had a sautéed pear slice on top with cheddar cheese. She said it was delicious. My son Mark ordered the fish and chips and he said the fish was cooked right and only lightly battered so that it wasn't heavy in taste and the last piece was as good as the first.

We had three excellent meals for thirty-three bucks and the service was friendly and good. I guess it turned out to the first choice, very good, although they probably do cater to tourists. On the way out we picked up a paper that said they also have game meat in the evening such as elk, pheasant, crocodile, and a few others. I'll have to go sometime to try the pheasant. I think we'll be back a few times as we only scratched the surface of this place and there seems to be so much more to explore. Stop by and see for yourself.

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