Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Waterline Brewing Company- Wilmington, NC

I saved one of the best breweries for last on the tour. Waterline Brewing sits on the Cape Fear River, well not exactly on it but pretty darn close, in the shadow of the upper bridge. There is plenty of parking, a nice outdoor area, and the inside is spacious and well appointed with eclectic artwork. Oh, and the people are friendly.

The beer was amazing. I started with the flight shown above. On the left is a Pale Ale at 6% which really grew on me, so much so that I brought home a 32 oz growler. Next is the IPA at 6.5% which was good. This was followed by the Rye IPA at 7% which was amazing. I had a pint of this and my son in law picked up a growler of this. Last was the Oatmeal Stout at 6% which was quite nice. I had a glass of the Belgian Triple at 9% later and it was perhaps my favorite of them all. That was the next day from the growler my other son in law picked up, otherwise I'd still be on the floor there. 

They have a website for directions and hours. Stop by and check them out sometime. I'll certainly be going back a few times over the summer.  

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