Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Las Olas, Wlimington, NC

Las Olas Mexi-Q sits next to Boombalatti's Ice Cream in the space formerly occupied by Foster's. It is owned by the same folks as K38 Baja and a few other Mexican places, but the emphasis here is on bar-b-q with ribs, pulled pork and more. My main reason for going is that on Tuesday nights they have a fish taco special for $3 each and I have it on good word that they are good. There's two in the photo above and they were so good that I ordered another. I was full, but my son was once there and ordered, and ate, six of them.

Service was excellent, Hannah was friendly and helpful and at $3 each the prices were good. I looked over the menu and the rest of the prices looked okay, and there were some interesting selections. 

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