Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Captain Jake's Riverhouse, Newburgh, NY

Oysters Rockefeller

My wife went to Captain Jake's on the waterfront in Newburgh the other day for a bachelorette party and when she got home she said, "I'd like to go there again sometime." Well, today was an overcast day in the middle of the week so we figured the waterfront wouldn't be crowded and it would be a good day to pop over.

I started with the oysters Rockefeller, shown above. They were okay, nothing phenomenal. They tasted, and looked, like it was more of a pesto sauce on them than a traditional Rockefeller presentation. In addition, the oysters were not placed in a sea salt bed or anything to keep them level so the oil spread all over the plate. The salad was undressed and needed some acid to help balance the buttery taste of the pesto. We did request some bread to sop up the oils and they were good, but I'd take a pass on this dish.

Fish and Chips

I decided on the fish and chips. I had the lunch portion which was quite large. The fish was excellent with a crispy batter outside and properly cooked cod on the inside. Moist and flakey. The fries were okay. Teresa had the shrimp and crab wrap shown below which was quite good. The grilled shrimp were large and there were plenty of them. 

Shrimp and carb wrap

So overall, a nice place to grab a bite on the waterfront with good food at reasonable prices. 

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