Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gunk Haus Revisited

Croquette with goat cheese

We were here before and we liked it, you can click here for the review. Tonight we started with the croquettes with goat cheese on a bed of greens with cole slaw. They were good, but I felt there was something missing. On the way home I realized what I wanted with them, a side of applesauce instead of the greens. 

Vegetarian Streusel

Teresa had the vegetarian streusel and she said it was very good. She said it tasted like an Italian dish her mother makes with spinach and beans but kicked up a bit and wrapped in a struesel. 

Three Cheese Chicken Sausage

I went with the three cheese chicken sausage with broccoli rabe, pretzel dumplings and an onion gravy. Good. Even better after I put some mustard on the sausage. 

Sacher Torte

We wrapped it up with the Sacher Torte, not that we had room, and it was excellent. Overall, excellent food, great service, nice relaxed, casual atmosphere and reasonable prices. The total bill was just under fifty bucks. Stop by sometime and see what I mean.

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