Saturday, May 11, 2013

Brasserie 292, Poughkeepsie, NY

Brasserie 292 is located at 292 Main Street in Poughkeepsie, hence the name. The location, once the site of a Chinese restaurant, sat empty until about two years ago when the new owners renovated and created a cute, contemporary French Bistro. The tin ceiling is all that was left from the original and they used white tile on the walls, huge mirrors (spotlessly clean I might add) and nice lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Fried Oysters
The menu is not large, it fits on one page, but there some great choices. I was going back and forth between the duck, the mussel frites, the steak frites, getting a couple of appetizers (including the escargot) and the burger. I started with the fried oysters at $15 because friends were there the night before and recommended them. We both ordered the burger at $14.

The Oysters were delicious and they should be as the restaurant specializes in oysters. At the Best of the Hudson Valley Party I'd sampled quite a few of their blue point oysters. As I was eating the fried oysters with spicy pepper and aioli, a couple of orders of mussels passed by our table and the smell was intoxicating. Next time. The burgers were very good and we were given a few choices for the cheese. I chose blue cheese and a medium burger and Teresa chose gruyere and medium well. My burger was closer to medium rare, which was fine for me, and hers was medium. I asked if she wanted it to be redone and she said no and promptly finished it. I only point this out because if you are like me you are used to restaurants overcooking a burger so be aware that they are more prone to under-do it. By the way, the picture shows a salad with the burger. Behind that salad was a mountain of really good fries, the kind that a French restaurant does well.  

The service was excellent. Vanessa was our waitress and she was helpful, attentive and enthusiastic. A young man also stopped by to top off our water and keep us supplied with bread. 

Overall, a very nice dining experience and we will definitely be returning. I want those mussels and I want to try the escargot too. Oh, and I want more oysters. By the way, the restrooms were clean. Stop by and give them a try. 

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