Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tomato Cafe, Fishkill, NY

A week or so ago we drove through Fishkill, after having already eaten, and noted that a few new restaurants deem to have popped up on the main drag near route 9. I made a mental note to stop back sometime when we were in the need of food, and today was the day.

I found a spot to park on the street and we looked at a few restaurants to decide where to eat. The first one we looked at, The Tomato Cafe, won out because the menu looked interesting and there was a nice smell to the place. The aroma of fresh sauce filled the air. We were seated and given water and menus.

Looking at the menus there were just too many options to choose from, and the prices were reasonable. I decided to go simple and ordered the BLT on sourdough rye and added a cup of tomato soup. They are called the Tomato Cafe after all. $6.95 for the sandwich and $2.50 for the soup. That soup (pictured above) was delicious. It had a nice texture to it and there was just a bit of heat added, as well as some basil. The sandwich was good with plenty of bacon. I originally ordered a salad in place of the fries, but after I realized my sandwich was going to be a salad sandwich I quickly changed it to a side of fries. I also added a bottle of Hurricane Kitty.

Teresa had it narrowed down to two choices and the waiter recommended the Chicken Sandoval. She ordered the half portion, at $8.95 plus a caesar salad. I tasted the chicken and a piece of the pasta and it was delicious. Our waiter was right. She thought at first that the portion was small, but then she said that if it were the full size she would have brought half of it home so I guess it was just right.

Service was excellent, food delicious, prices reasonable, free wi-fi and clean bathrooms. I recommend you stop by and give them a try. I know we'll be back. The website will give you the menu and directions.

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