Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cowboy Burger, Ward's Bridge Inn.

A personal favorite of mine is Ward's Bridge Inn in Montgomery, NY. I don't get there near often enough, but every time I've been there the food has been delicious. I've reviewed them before. Today I was there for an end of the school year lunch with some colleagues. Most of my dining companions got the special, a filet medallion steak sandwich, but I wanted the burger. Look at the picture and you'll see why.

This is the Cowboy burger, one of my favorites and quite possibly one of the finest burgers I've ever had anywhere. It starts with good quality beef and perfectly cooked. I ordered it medium and it was perfectly that with a bit of red in the center and cooked on the outside. That wonderful beef sits atop a fresh kaiser roll with cheese and bacon and a whole bunch of crisp onion straws. They gave me the option of fries, salad or Caesar salad. I got the Caesar salad and it was quite large.

My friends were all as pleased with their meals, especially the steak sandwich, but mine was perfect. If you haven't been there yet, make it a point to stop in.

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