Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet and Savory, Wilmington, NC

I have a long list of places to try in Wilmington, NC. I also have a short list of places I really want to see. One of them is, or rather was, Sweet and Savory. My daughter and my grandchildren have been raving about Sweet and Savory for some time now and we were going to try them last summer, but we never got the chance. This short trip down we decided this was a must visit and we went there on Sunday for dinner. I can see what she meant, this place was great and it is now on my list of favorites.

The menu is extensive and they have plenty of specials. On Sunday one of them was all bar sandwiches for five dollars with the purchase of a drink or soup. I looked at the beer menu and noticed they had Scotch Ale from Front Street Brewery, so that was a no-brainer. I ordered a pint and got the English Burger, a very nicely done burger with grilled onions (sweet and red, I think wine was involved in the cooking), cheese and bacon on a toasted English muffin. Oh, and lettuce and tomato with chips on the side. It was excellent, tasty and fresh.

Teresa had the Carolina Burger with slaw and BBQ sauce, it looked as good as mine, and she had a seafood soup with it that tasted just fine. Mike had the Gyro, and Sarah had a wrap, both of them had black bean soup. The three kids had chicken nuggets with fries. The whole order came to fifty bucks, tax included. They are definitely family friendly with the prices.

Service was great. Taylor was attentive and caring. She apologized for the wait, but I thought everything came out fast. My youngest granddaughter dropped her pickle and one of the servers brought her two more to keep her happy. By the way, the bathrooms are clean, at least the men’s room was as that’s the only one I saw.

They have a website for more information.
Photos in order are; Gyro, Chicken nuggets, Carolina Burger and the English Burger.

We are headed back for breakfast soon to sample either an omelet or eggs benedict. I'll be posting that soon.

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