Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Reel Cafe, Wilmington, NC

We were looking for a nice place downtown that was a different, yet family friendly enough for eight adults and three children. My daughters suggested The Reel Cafe on Front Street so we walked down and looked at the menu in the window. I love it when a restaurant does this as we can decide whether they are what we are looking for or not.

In this case the menu looked good, as did the prices. Even better, kids eat free. One children's meal free with an adult meal. We went in and were seated immediately as it wasn't busy. I've been past here in the Summer and it is usually packed, especially at night.

We looked over our menus and made our choices. I have that soft spot for a burger with bacon and blue cheese, so that's what I ordered. I got the black and blue and added bacon which brought the price to ten bucks. I ordered it medium and it was closer to medium well, but still juicy and full of flavor. My son-n-law ordered the same burger, but well done. The beer special was White Wolf, an American Ale I believe, so I got one. It was okay, but for the second one I switched to a Fat Tire. That was much better.

The rest of our party ordered; a Black and Blue salad (blackened chicken over a salad with blue cheese), a fresh catch sandwich (grouper), a meatball sub, a crab sandwich, two chicken sandwiches, a kid's burger and two kid's chicken fingers. All were good and the total came to eighty bucks, plus tax and tip. The one drawback is the restrooms as they are on the second floor and were, shall we say in need of a cleaning. Definitely not handicapped accessible. Overall it was a good experience and we'll be back.

No website that I could find, but they do have a facebook page for more information, you'd have to friend them though.

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