Friday, September 25, 2009

Red Lobster, Middletown

My Mother-in-law was over and we, my wife and I that is, decided we should go out to eat. Mom loves shrimp, and Red Lobster has that never-ending-shrimp special going on so . . . well there we were.

First I have to tell you that the staff was great. We were seated right away and our waitress took good care of us. We decided on the never-ending shrimp (I was actually considering getting a lobster tail and a steak, but changed my mind). Well our waitress kept coming back to refill our water, and our shrimp.

The shrimp comes several ways, and you start with two, and refill with any choice. I tried them all. In order of favorite:
1. Cajun on rice pilaf
2. Scampi swimming in butter
3. Fried
4. Teriyaki
5. Coconut

None of them are truly stellar, the food is good, hot and prepared right, but Red Lobster isn't a great seafood place. It's a good seafood place. We did eat our fill however and left quite a few spent shrimp tails on the bread plates. Maybe next time I will get the tail, or try the new grilled menu.

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