Friday, September 18, 2009

Flat Top Grill, Chicago

One of my favorite restaurants in Chicago is the Flat Top Grill over in Lakeview at 3200 Southport Avenue. They have a few other locations, but I’ve been to this one a few times and enjoyed it every time. It’s an interesting ‘create your own’ stir-fry restaurant.

What you do is this; take a wooden stick from your table and write your name on it, then bring it to the food line with you. Take a bowl and put in your veggies, ladle in the sauce you want, add meats, stick in colored sticks for additional add-ons, like shrimp, stab your stick with your name on it, and put the bowl by the large flat top (hence the name) grill. They’ll stir-fry it and bring it to your table. Can’t figure out what you want to create? Well, they have recipes posted giving the ingredients and portions on the wall above the food. Oh, and you can keep going back for more to try different combinations. They also have a full bar.

Give Flat Top a visit and I think you’ll like it. Check out their website for more info.

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