Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sonic, Wilmington NC

Living in the North, Sonic is kind of new and exciting. They opened one in New Jersey and traffic backed up on route 17 for about a mile, plus I think someone got run over there. Now I've been to Sonic before, once in Tennessee, and once in Mississippi, so it wasn't all that new. It is however, interesting.

I don't eat in the car, it's too new yet, so I like to pull into the spot and take advantage of the tables in front. There's a nice big menu there and you can look at it as long as you want before ordering. When you decide, and there's quite a bit to choose from, push the button and order, You can pay with the credit card right there. Sit down and relax and pretty soon a waitress on roller skates comes out with your order. Pretty cool.

This visit I had the special, a cheeseburger and a shake (chocolate) for $2.99. Add a chicken finger sandwich off the dollar menu (yeah, it's one dollar and it's good) and I'm stuffed for four buck plus tax. The burger is good too, and the shake is nice and thick. Overall, a nice cheap eat, and a cool fast food experience.

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