Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boombalatti's Ice Cream, Wilmington NC

Boombalatti's, a funny name for something that's neither a burger, nor a brew, but one amazing ice cream place. The address is 1127 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington North Carolina. You'll find it across the street from the Mayfaire Mall.

They have a great selection of ice creams, and they say they are all made fresh daily. It took a while to decide. I had the two scoop sundae for only $3.75. My two scoops were Peanut butter cup and chocolate cream pie, with hot fudge, whipped cream and peanuts. Heaven in a plastic bowl.

Stop in and visit them when you're in town. You'll be glad you did. Better than Cold Stone, and a whole lot cheaper.

Update- April 2, 2010

We went back the other day and it was every bit as good as the last time. Excellent ice cream at good prices. If you live near them, patronize them and keep them going. If you don't live near them, take a road trip.

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