Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Carlos Restaurant- Yonkers, NY

We got a sixty dollar gift certificate for Carlos Restaurant a while back and never got around to heading down, it is an hour away, but to day we stopped in for lunch. Before I get any further I have to say that if they were any closer I'd be there every week, it was that amazing. 

After looking over the menus we realized that in order to spend sixty bucks we'd have to order a bunch of food, the prices are quite reasonable. The decision was made for three appetizers and two entrees with anything left over to be taken home. 

We started with the Spiedini Alla Romano, which is a fresh mozzarella on bread, deep fried with a caper and lemon sauce. Absolutely amazing.  

Next up was an order of clams oreganata. Now these were a full size clam, not some minced nonsense, with some great seasoning. You could tell they were fresh made in house. Also amazing. 

I had to try the Polenta which was an Italian version of shrimp and grits. Three huge shrimp over polenta cakes with mushrooms, tomatoes, and a gorgonzola cream sauce. Quite nice and I may incorporate blue cheese in my next shrimp and grits attempt.

By now we were getting a bit full, especially when you add in the delightful bread we were served, and the side salad we shared. However, the entrees were so good we dove in anyway. 

I got the veal Sorrentino and it was perhaps the finest offering of that dish I have ever had. Teresa ordered the lunch sized (it was huge) eggplant parmesian and it was also amazing. Some of the leftovers, including two rather large potato croquettes, are in the fridge now calling me. 

All of the food came to sixty bucks, plus tax and tip. The service was excellent, the food amazing, and the ambiance warm and friendly. This is definately a place to visit for an excellent meal. Check out their website for more information, oh and they have a second location in New Rochelle. 

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