Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pho Vietnam- Danbury, Ct

I only recently discovered Vietnamese food, and it is becoming one of my favorite foods. Today I discovered the Pho Vietnam Restaurant in Danbury and it could easily become my new favorite restaurant.  The food is amazing, the service excellent, the prices reasonable, and the ambiance is nice.

It is small, and they get busy. We were there on a Thursday afternoon and after we were seated every table was full, with a couple of people waiting for seats. The decor is simple, a mix of French Colonial and Asian. 

We looked over the menus and decided to share a lemongrass roll at nine bucks. When it arrived I was surprised at the size. There were three large rolls and it could easily be enough for a meal. When I tasted it I was amazed. There were multiple flavor notes coming through, the predominate one being cilantro (my favorite herb) and a mix of mild heat and cooling crispness. Delightful. 

I decided on the Pho Shore, which had shrimp and calamari, at eleven bucks for the medium size. The large was two bucks more, but that would have been too much food. The noodles were perfect, the broth had a wonderfully light and refreshing taste, yet was hearty enough. The fish was just right, and this is difficult when making a fish soup as the shrimp and calamari can continue to cook from the time it is plated to when eaten. This fish was perfect. I was full after eating this, yet I felt great and not stuffed. 

Teresa went with the vegetable stir fry at twelve bucks and she liked it a lot. I tasted, and it was far better than any I have ever tried. It tasted fresh and was lighter than in a Chinese restaurant. 

I can see why they are so busy. They have a website for more information. Check them out sometime. 

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