Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Palate Cafe- Pine Bush, NY

Sausage French Toast

We were driving down the main street of Pine Bush today and saw this place on the corner, and it looked cute and interesting, so we popped in for a late breakfast after having fasted for our blood tests. 

Inside it is cute indeed with a French cafe feel, except that instead of Jacques Brill there was a classic rock station playing Duran/Duran. It is small, seating maybe 30 tops, and bright and cheerful. The staff was friendly and the owner popped over to see how we were enjoining our meal. She said that she'd only been open a few months. 

I was debating between a crepe and French toast and I went with the savory French toast at seven bucks. They have a different take on the dish with the sausage being cooking into the challah bread. It was quite delicious and quite filling. 

Ham and cheese quiche

Teresa decided on the quiche du jour at seven bucks which was ham and cheese. Again, the interpretation was unique with the quiche being a bit thinner and in more of a pastry puff. It was well executed and quite nice as well. We each had coffee, delightful coffee from Noble Roasters in Campbell Hall, and the total bill was about eighteen bucks. 

We will definitely be returning as I want to try the crepes, and the soups, and the pastries, and so much more. The Palate Cafe could very well become a new favorite. Stop by and see what I mean.

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