Thursday, September 25, 2014

BGR The Burger Joint- Danbury, CT

BGR the Burger Joint is a small chain of burger restaurants that started out in the Philly area and now has spread to just under twenty locations scattered over the East Coast. I noted that there was one in Danbury, not sure how long it's been there, and we decided to try them out.   

Teresa went with the kids meal at $5.99. There were two sliders, fries and a drink and it was probably the best value there. She said her burgers were good and we shared the fries. The fries were quite good. Simple, yet seasoned properly, hot, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. 

The regular burgers cost $6.99 and you can add lettuce, tomato, onions and a few other things at no cost. Cheese, bacon, avocado, and other items cost .99 each. I decided to go with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles to keep it simple and get the true taste of the burger.

They say that you can order the burger cooked the way you want it. Well, you can order it how you want, but they may not do it the way you want it. I ordered mine medium and it came well-done. This isn't a big deal, but please don't tease me with a choice only  to let me down.

The burger, overall, was good. The meat, in spite of being overcooked, was tasty and seasoned properly. The brioche bun was not quite fresh, and not quite stale. Let's call it middle-aged. A slight toasting would have taken care of that problem.

I got a chocolate shake for $4.99 and it was okay, if a bit thin. 

So, the bottom line. Two of us ate for about twenty bucks, the price we usually pay at places like this. The food was good, but nothing stellar. If I were to rank BGR on a scale from Five Guys to Smashburger, I'd place them dead center which would be three stars out of five. 

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