Thursday, July 24, 2014

Henry's- Wilmington, NC

We had an enjoyable meal at Henry's, and some really nice entertainment as well. When we went in we asked to be seated in the bar area as they had some appetizers for five bucks. There were two guys singing folk songs from the sixties, one was playing a guitar, and they sounded amazing. Songs from the Everly Brothers, the Beatles, Chad and Jeremy and so on serenaded us while we ate.

I ordered the fried green tomatoes to start and they were good. Teresa got a salad and a quesadilla, both five dollar appetizers, for her meal and I ordered the shrimp and grits with a pint of guinness. 

The shrimp and grits were good, but not amazing. They were served on a grit cake which was rather bland. The shrimp were pedestrian. What saved the dish was the copious amount of bacon, bacon makes up for a lot of sins, and the lick-the-dish creamy parmesan sauce served on top. That sauce elevated a bland dish to being very good. 

Overall, the food was good, cheap, and plentiful. The service was excellent, Megan was attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable. We'd go back again.

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