Saturday, June 21, 2014

East Coast Burger Company- Ridgewood, NJ

Patty Melt

In a word, amazing, but that may just be an understatement. East Coast Burger Company in Ridgewood, New Jersey takes the concept of Five Guys and Shake Shack and elevates it to a new level with fresh local beef cooked perfectly. After our friend Danielle told me we had to try them, I put them on my short list. 

I ordered the Maytag and applewood bacon burger shown below for  $7.25 and added fries for another three bucks. The burger was amazing with plenty of that great blue cheese and an ample supply of bacon. The fries were just right with that crispy exterior and a nice soft interior. They have bottles of malt vinegar on the tables and that added the perfect touch.

Maytag Burger with fries

Teresa got the Patty Melt on potato bread at $6.25 and she said that she would order it again when we come back. Add in a soda and a delightful blueberry ice cream cone and the whole tab came to $23.00. 

You have got to try this place. Oh, they also serve lobster rolls wherein they use a whole lobster for each order. From what I've heard they are great. 

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