Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Citrus- New Windsor, NY

I like Indian cuisine, unfortunately I know very little about it. Recently I asked an Indian fellow I met where he eats and he recommended Citrus in New Windsor. He said that his family eats there regularly. We were out and decided to try something different, so we stopped by. 

We were seated and given menus, along with those nice chips and three dipping sauces shown above. The problem was what to order, but after a few minutes we came to a decision. 

Teresa went with the Lentils Tadka Dal at eleven dollars. She said it was quite good and I tasted it and agreed with her. Nice and hearty, with some interesting flavor notes. 

Our meals came with a bowl of rice to share. Now I am not a rice eater, but this was very good. My only comment is that there should have been a bit more for two people to share. We ordered the Peshwari Naan at four bucks which had cottage cheese and fruit cooked into it. It was good and the flavor held up to the tastes of our food.

I ordered the Shrimp Tiki Masala at seventeen dollars. The sauce was a delightful with just the right amount of heat and there were a half-dozen large, fresh tasting, shrimp swimming in it. Excellent is all I can say.

Overall, it was a very lovely dining experience. The food was excellent, the service equally so. We will definitely be returning.

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