Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dixie Grill, Wilmington, NC

Dixie Benedict

I've heard some good things about this place, and from people I trust, so when it came time to have breakfast with my grandson I decided to try it. They were right.

I had the Dixie Benedict, shown above. It is a biscuit with a delightful fried green tomatoe, scrambled eggs and Vidalia onion sauce. I decided to go native and get grits as the side,in lieu of home fries. The benedict dish was very good and I think the grits were good, but since I come from a much higher latitude I don't know too much about grits. 

My seven year old grandson went for the strawberry pancakes. They come in 2, 4 or 6. He had two and inhaled them. 

Overall, good food at reasonable prices with excellent service. Stop by and see for yourself sometime. 

Update- I went back and tried them again, this time I had the Stafford burger (a nice mixture of beef and sausage, both of which are ground in-house) and it was delightful. My grandson had the black bean burger, which he loved. Good food, good prices, good service. 

Stafford Burger

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