Friday, July 6, 2012

Burgers for a Buck- Cookout

Cookout is a privately owned chain of about a hundred restaurants mostly in NC, SC, Tennessee and Virginia. It is usually found as a double drive through. 

This one almost didn't make it as I saw the price of a hamburger on the menu listed at $1.19, which would disqualify them from the competition. I ordered two anyway, along with a small soda and when I read the receipt the burgers were billed at $.99 each. 

Bun- 5
Condiments- 5- you choose what you want and I ordered mine with ketchup, mustard and pickles. Good pickles.
Meat- 5- Fresh, not frozen. Char grilled like your own backyard.
Presentation- 4 I ordered two and photographed the less photogenic of the two
Aftertaste- 3 It repeated later.
Overall taste- 25

Total Score- 47 out of 50

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