Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fuji Steakhouse, Middletown, NY

My Mother-in-law took Teresa and I out for Teresa's birthday and after some time trying to decide where to go, we wound up at Fuji Steakhouse at the Galleria Mall in Middletown. Well, actually we started at another restaurant and looked around and shook our heads. The restaurant looked like it was last cleaned when I was in high school (and that is a very long time ago). We apologized, said that one of us didn't feel well, and left before we even got water. 

We went across the street to the Galleria Mall and entered the restaurant through the outside exit. I was quite surprised by the size of the place, it was quite large, and the fact that you didn't realize it was a Mall restaurant at all. There are about a half a dozen hibachi tables that seated over a dozen people, plus a few regular tables. We opted for the hibachi table for the theater. There's also a rather large bar and it had a box of sake on it, much like a box of wine. 

After looking through the menus we decided to get hibachi. I ordered the salmon, Teresa got the chicken and Mom got the shrimp. We also shared a vegetable tempura and a calamari appetizer. The vegetable was good, the calamari being excellent. We were brought tasty soup, not quite a miso, but similar, and a fair sized salad.

Our chef came along and started to cook for us, and the group of four seated near us. You can see Teresa in the top photo with our chef after we told him it was her birthday. It was indeed theater as he hammed it up and made the flames jump and flipped the spatula and the knife. He made us all a fried rice and I ate quite a bit, and I don't like rice unless it is part of sushi. My salmon was cooked perfectly with a sear on the outside and moist in the middle and it came with two large shrimp, also cooked perfectly. 

The food was very good, fresh tasting and plentiful. Service good and friendly. Prices averaged about twenty dollars per entree, but the portions were large. I'd definitely go back.

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