Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cheeseboy, Palisades Mall, Nyack, NY

Here's a brilliant idea if ever I saw one. I hope it works out well because whoever came up with this is a genius. What it is is total simplicity making comfort food. They make grilled cheese sandwiches, many varieties thereof, and tomato soup out of a mall kiosk. 

I had the special of the month, featured above, which is an Italian sandwich for five bucks. Grilled cheese, basil, pepperoni and tomatoes on Italian bread. The whole thing is done in a press (not a panini press as there are no grooves) so the grease goes away. Good sandwich. Next time I'll try the soup too.

Like I said, sheer genius. Maybe I'll open a peanut butter and jelly restaurant, but it's probably been done already. They have a website for information, menu and locations, as well as philosophy and philanthropy. 

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