Friday, July 15, 2011

Britt's Donuts, Carolina Beach, NC

I have a soft spot for donuts, especially the glazed variety, so when my daughter said the most amazing donuts were in Carolina Beach we had to check it out.

Britt's is on the boardwalk of Carolina Beach, the Redneck Riviera. We found it easy enough and I was looking for a display case or a listing of types of donuts. All there was is a sign with the prices. Eighty-five cents each and on. We liked the $4.25 a half dozen. A woman behind us asked her friend about kinds of donuts and the friend replied, "They don't have kinds, they have a donut." We figured out that there was only one kind and that was glazed, which is the best kind of donut anyway.

At any rate, we got six and ate three each before we even made it to the beach to walk around. Quite probably the best donuts anywhere. Check them out at their website.

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