Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Main Street Bistro, New Paltz, NY

People have been telling me how great Main Street Bistro in New Paltz is for quite some time and we finally tried it. After having experienced it, my advice is to finish reading this and go there. This place is great and is one of my new favorites.

I had the Guaca Baca Burger, guacamole, bacon and muenster cheese on a fresh kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and pickle, for $6.50. That's right, only $6.50 and it came with choice of regular fries, sweet potato fries or salad. I opted for the salad and there was plenty. Teresa had the Bistro Barn Burger, bacon, cheese and salad for $5.95. Total bill was under seventeen dollars tax and tip included. The burgers were not just cheap, they were very good too. I ordered mine medium and it came cooked just right.

They have a breakfast menu and a dinner menu too that include pastas, sandwiches and a whole lot more. Check out their website for menu and hours.

Update 9/18/10- We stopped by today and I got the same burger, even though I wanted to try something different. I just couldn't pass up this amazing burger and it was every bit as good as the memory of the first one. This may be the best burger I've had in the Hudson Valley, and I recommend a Hurricane Kitty, a hearty IPA from Keegan Ales to complement it. If you haven't been there yet, what are you waiting for?


  1. Wow, quite a lot of greens for my taste, but as long as the burger was good...

  2. Hey Doc,

    You can get fries or sweet potato fries with it, I just opt for the salad once in awhile. Especially after a visit to the emergency room this spring. My arteries were clear, it was stress, but I've cut back on fries. Not on burgers.

  3. the first restaurant we ate at in the area was the Bistro - it has been one of our favorites ever since...

    the burgers ARE great - my wife orders the burgers most of the time... me, my favorite is the chicken quesadilla (with extra salsa) - for me it is true comfort food and at $8.95 it is an also incredibly inexpensive for what you get - it is very large and very filling...

    for breakfast they have a dish with two English muffins topped with two crab cakes, two poached eggs, Andouille sausage, tomatoes all topped with a spicy Hollandaise - I would not suggest it as a daily dish unless you want a coronary bypass soon, but every so often it is wonderful - my son-in-law calls it the best breakfast in the world!!!! the first few times I saw it on the menu it did not sound like the combination would work but with the first bite I was hooked!!!!

  4. I've got to try that breakfast. Thanks for sharing that.