Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doghouse Gourmet Burgers, Downingtown, Pa.

Doghouse Gourmet Burgers in Downingtown, Pennsylvania is an interesting set-up. It is small with a few tables and stools running along the side, but mirrors make it look a bit larger. They have a fairly good beer selection and their specialty is burgers and dogs. All of their specialty selections are named after dogs and they call the children's burgers puppies. Cute and catchy. 

I ordered the Angus burger with bacon and blue cheese and got it as a combo with a small drink and onion rings. Teresa got the Angus without cheese and she had the garlic fries and drink combo. My son-in-law had the Whippet, a turkey burger. My grandson had a hot dog and my daughter got a black bean burger. 

You order at the counter, pay and take a seat. When the food is done (less than 10 minutes) they bring it to you. There is a condiment bar (very clean by the way) with pickles and hot banana peppers. 

The burgers were good, not great, and I think they started out frozen so I wouldn't really call them gourmet. The default temperature is medium, but I'd call it more medium well. The fries were good and the rings were large and sweet. 

On the way out I looked over the counter and saw that the burgers are grilled and the grills were positioned at a slight angle, probably to allow the grease to run off. That's why they weren't greasy at all. 

Overall impression, not bad. Would we go back? Sure. They have a website for more information.

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