Sunday, January 27, 2019

Katy's Grill and Bar- Wilmington, NC

I've driven past Katy's hundreds of times and today a friend suggested that our after church lunch group stop by for a bite. It turned out to be a wise suggestion as the food and service were quite good. 

It was 10:30 and I wasn't in the mood for eggs, so I went with the Tiko burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion straws and BBQ sauce with a side of onion rings for $9.59. Very nice burger. 

We'll definitely be going back again sometime. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Flying Machine Brewing Co.- Wilmington, NC

Flying Machine Brewing is the fifteenth brewery to open in Wilmington. My first impression is that someone spent a whole lot of money on this place. It is huge with a nice clean feel to it and doesn't have that cookie-cutter brewery look. Come to think of it, most of our breweries have distinct looks. 

They went with an old fashioned theme, but I think they should have gone a bit further with the aeronautical aspect and have a large propeller and some photos on that walls, as well as perhaps a large model of the Wright Brothers flyer hanging from the high ceiling. Just my opinion though. 

I started with the Albatross II, a double IPA at 8.2%. It was quite nice with a clean taste that belied that gravity, making it go down a bit too easy. I decided on a 5.2% IPA to follow, also nice. 

What I liked was that they had at least fifteen of their own brews on tap, as well as ciders and wines. Even better is the addition of coffee, hot chocolate, and expresso for the non beer drinkers, like my wife. 

Overall, Flying Machine has potential and should be a welcome addition to the local brewing scene.