Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sweeney's Walden

Okay, let’s start with a nice easy review of one of my favorite places, Sweeny’s in Walden. Sweeney’s burnt to the ground a few years ago, was rebuilt from the ground up, and is nice and warm in d├ęcor. One of the best things is that the rebuild was done after the clean air act and the place has no stale smell of smoke. In fact, it is spotlessly clean both inside and out.

The food is simple and the menu isn’t long, but there are some nice choices to be had, especially in the burgers. My favorite burger is the Spicy Buffalo Burger. It has hot sauce, bacon, and a blue cheese dressing. Order it with the onion rings, the best I’ve had, and you have a winning meal for only $8.95. For sandwiches, I like the Reuben as it is a real sandwich you can pick up with your hands. Nice lean meat. The Shepherd’s Pie is good too.

The beer selection is good, Guinness, Smithwicks, Harp, and a few others on tap, as well as a bottled selection. The service is good too, and friendly. I’ve never had a bad meal here and always feel welcome. During the day, Veronica will wait on you with her pleasant smile and Irish accent.

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