Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brick House Tavern and Tap, Willow Grove, PA

Kobe Burger

Here's a place we've been passing by for a few years now and always wanted to stop. Two things kept us from doing so though. The first is that we pass by often at night when the parking lot is packed and the second is that we are less than an hour from our destination when we pass by. Today we planned on stopping and at 12:30 on a Sunday afternoon (on July 3rd) the place was almost empty.

It has a sports bar feel inside (TVs all over tuned to sports gave that away) and there is quite a good beer selection, both draft and bottled. They even have a few cask beers and they have some cool sounding drinks mixing beer with other things. For example, the French Kiss which is Blue Moon with champagne.

I looked over the menu and decided on a burger, the question was which one. I decided against the black and blue burger at $9 and went with the Kobe Burger with wagyu beef, sauteed onions, brie, roasted tomato, spring mix, red pepper aioli and a brioche bun for $14. It came with a generous supply of good fries. The kobe beef was good and almost cooked at the medium I requested. The combinations of the other ingredients were very good and brought that lean flavor of the beef out nicely. Teresa had the regular cheeseburger for $8 and she said it was good.

I never knew it was a small chain of about seventeen locations. They have a website for more information, and locations.

Update- We went back a second time and I got the Kobe Burger again. It was just as good as the first time and it was perfectly cooked to the medium I'd ordered. 

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