Monday, July 18, 2016

Beasley Chicken + Honey- Raleigh, NC

We took a drive out to Raleigh to do an airport run and decided to look around the city. Getting a little hungry we perused a few restaurant menus and decided that Beasley's looked good, especially since they are famous for one of my new favorite dishes, chicken and waffles.

The inside is interesting with a modern restaurant look. There are a few tables, seats at the bar, and some long community tables. The menu is posted on the walls and they have a large beer selection featuring quite a few North Carolina breweries. 

I went with the chicken and waffles shown above for thirteen bucks. I had a choice of chicken pieces and went with the dark meat. With it I got a side of pimento mac and cheese. The chicken was amazing, the waffles delightful, and the mac and cheese wonderful. It was a modern take on a classic dish and I can taste it now as I write this. Teresa ordered three sides of greens that were also excellent. 

I will certainly stop by again next time I hit Raleigh and probably order the same thing. Stop and see for yourself what I mean. 

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