Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Copperfield's Pub- Montgomery, NY

Copperfield's Pub is a place that, regrettably, I have not visited in some time. I think the main reason for not doing so is the close proximity to home. We have been trying to ht different places and have neglected our own back yard. Today I had a craving for a good burger, I'd had a veggie burger earlier and I needed to cleanse my palate after that fiasco, so we decided to stop by Copperfield's to see if they are as good as we remember. 

Copperfield's has been around for over thirty years and is still run by the Purcell family. It is long and narrow inside. The design is of an Irish Victorian Kildare Pub with plenty of wood and charm. We ate in the back sunroom. 

After quickly looking over the menus we decided on burgers. I went with the ranch burger at ten bucks which had bacon, cheddar, and ranch dressing. Excellent burger and it came with some wonderful waffle fries. Teresa had the pub burger at nine bucks and she said hers was excellent as well. Although the beer menu is quite extensive, with many craft beers on tap, we passed and went with ice water. 

Overall, a great place to grab a bite and a drink. The prices are right, the food very good, and the service friendly and attentive. They do get quite busy on the weekends. I promise it won't be so long before we head back again. They have a website for more information. 

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