Monday, May 25, 2015

Sly Fox Brewing

Sly Fox Brewing came into being in 2012 and now has two locations. One is in Pottstown, and the one we went to is in Pheonixville. We went there a while ago and we liked it a lot, so a return visit was in order. 

Now brewpubs may have good food, they may have good beer, and they may have good service, but rarely do they have all three. This is one of those few places that gets all three right. 

I started with a pint of Odyssey Imperial Ale. It was quite good. So good that I had a second and got a growler to take home. I ordered the bacon blue cheeseburger and it also was quite good. A tad over the medium I'd ordered, but still good. 

Teresa and Nicole got the chicken gyro, and they said it was good. Brian ordered the special, venison sausage which had a nice flavor. The kids had mini burgers and they were good too. 

In addition to the growler I picked up a cold six-pack of 113 IPA to go. All told the bill was just $100 for four adults, two kids, five pints, a six-pack and a growler. Cheap. Also, the service was outstanding. 

We will be back again. They have a website for more information. 

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