Monday, April 6, 2015

Wake N Bake- Carolina Beach, NC

When I travel south I just have to get some donuts, especially when I get to carolina Beach. An annual trip to Britt's has been a tradition, but they are only open in the summer, so when I heard about a new place called Wake N Bake I had to give them a try. When we got there the place was crowded and there was a line. The line moved quick though and the staff was friendly and helpful. 

I got a dozen for fifteen bucks (there were four adults and six children in our group) and mixed them up. Three glazed, a Carolina sand, a Loopy Morning, a Pebble Rock, a Samoa, a maple Bacon, a Couch Potato and a couple more. All were good, my favorite being the Samoa. The glazed were okay, but I do prefer Britt's glazed. 

They have a website for directions and stuff. 

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