Thursday, July 17, 2014

Le Catalan- Wilmington, NC

I've had Le Catalan on the wish list for some time now and I figured it was time to see what everyone was raving about so we went on a pleasant Thursday evening. It was a bit hot out, and the sun was still fairly intense on the deck, so we sat inside. An hour later and eating on the deck would have given a delightful view of the sunset, but I like the view over the Battleship better at sunset so we ate earlier.
Creamy tomato basil soup

We started with soup. I had the creamy tomato basil and it was very good. Teresa had the gazpacho and  it was also quite good. The problem was what to order for dinner. The menu is simple and not too extensive, but there are some very nice choices. I opted for the shrimp and orzo gratin and was very satisfied with it.

Teresa ordered the quiche Lorraine and we both agreed that it was well executed. Tasty and fluffy, not dense. Both dishes came with a small house salad and were filling. 

They have an extensive selection of wine available, and even sell bottles as well as their quiche and other dishes to go. 

Overall, very good food, excellent service, and romanic ambiance. The prices are about mid-ranged, it cost forty bucks for two soups and two entrees, but well worth it. I'll be back again.

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