Saturday, April 26, 2014

State Line Diner- Mahwah, NJ

A well-executed Reuben sandwich can often be considered to be one of life's greatest pleasures. Four simple ingredients and a condiment in the hands of a proper diner cook can be elevated to a meal rivaling the offerings of a Michelin starred chef.

That said, we stopped off at the State Line Diner in Mahwah today and I ordered what I usually get at a diner, a Reuben. My logic is that a diner should be good at the basic diner staples such as; Reubens, omelets, gyros, burgers and salads. 

This was one of the best Reubens I've had in a while. The rye bread was of good quality and grilled with butter, the corned beef (no, I do not get pastrami) was nice and lean, the sauerkraut was fresh with a bit of a tang to it, and there was just the right amount of Swiss cheese. They gave me a few mustard packets, but I went with the very nice thousand island dressing on the side. 

After looking through the rather extensive, and heavy, menu, Teresa decided on a panini with chicken, hot peppers, cheese and mixed greens on the side, also very good. 

Overall, good food at good prices with friendly service. Marcello took good care of us. 

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