Saturday, March 19, 2011

Raccoon Saloon, Marlboro, NY

The Raccoon Saloon on Route 9W in Marlboro, NY has been around for a very long time. The mid-eighteen hundreds in fact and the name comes from a family of raccoons that used to live on the property. The restaurant has changed hands a few times, but they've had a reputation for making a very good burger. Years ago there was a sign in front proclaiming they had the best burger in the Hudson Valley. We ate there about a decade ago when that sign was up and I disagreed with it.

A couple of weeks ago my son said he ate there and the burger was excellent. I trust his opinion, especially since he inherited and or acquired similar tastes to mine so we went there to check it out. We went on a Saturday night during restaurant week so there was a special Prix fix menu that had an interesting seafood fra diabolo on it, but I came to try the burger so that's what I looked at.

I got the 12 oz burger with bacon and Swiss cheese and I got the onion rings instead of the fries. The burger was $11.75 and the bacon and cheese added another two bucks and a quarter to make it a fourteen dollar burger. Teresa got the 8 oz burger with fried onions and that came to $11.75. This is not a cheap burger, so I thought it had better be a good burger. It was. The meat was fresh and well cooked, the onion rings were good, and they use their own home-made ketchup which has a sweet taste to it.

The food was good and the people seemed accommodating. We'll go back again to try something from the regular menu sometime soon.

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