Sunday, February 26, 2017

Duck Donuts- Wilmington, NC

We stopped the Duck donuts in Wilmington, NC, located in the Mayfaire shopping center, for desert with the grandkids. 

Duck Donuts is an up and coming donut chain with a neat concept, you create your own donut combination. What you do is start with a coating, pick a topping, and choose a drizzle. I went with peanut butter icing, bacon pieces, and salted caramel drizzle. It was bloody amazing. 

We will be back again over Easter break and frequently after we relocate to Wilmington. 


  1. Never found the time to try them but Wilmington has some great donut shops these days. And yet only one place can make a bagel. Luckily Empire supplies a few other locations.

  2. Where have you managed to find a place around Wilmington that can make a bagel? Are they similar to NY/NJ style bagels? Thanks! 😁

  3. Where have you managed to find a place in Wilmington that can make bagels? Are they NY/NJ style, aka true authentic amazing bagels? 😁
    Thanks! Now if I could just find excellent Chinese food around here!?! Lost a few good ones after the recession. 😩

    1. Double Happiness is the best Chinese in town

  4. I like Beach Bagels, and they are real close to a NY bagel.