Sunday, August 16, 2015

Positalia- Wilmington, NC

Positalia is a cool new, and locally owned, place in the Mayfaire Mall, near Five Guys. The concept is interesting, you choose from a wrap, a pasta bowl, or a salad and add your meat. Then choose a sauce and some toppings and they assemble it while you wait. Okay, this sounds a bit like an Italian version of Chipotle, but it is much better. 

I went with the piadini, a wrap, and added sausage, onions and peppers, marinara sauce, cheese, more peppers, and some other things for $7.35. It was quite good and everything tasted fresh. Teresa and Rachel went with pasta bowls in different combinations, and they were quite happy. For the baby we got a side of meatballs. 

I can see this restaurant doing well, and there is a huge potential for expansion as the concept is different and interesting. If you are in the area stop by sometime and see for yourself. 

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