Sunday, May 17, 2015

How I lost 50 Pounds in Five Months

That was me back in August of 2014, all 245 pounds of me. I didn't realize how big I'd gotten until late November of that year when I went in for a simple physical and the nurse reported my weight, and later called me and said that my cholesterol was quite high. Well, that was my wake up call and I decided that it was time to shed a few pounds. That and the fact that my feet and knees were killing me from carrying all that extra weight around everyday. 

The first thing I did was to assess what I ate that was causing the problem. I realized that cheese, bread, and fatty foods were my problem, so I cut them down radically. Okay, I like beer too, but that was not going to end, nor was I going to switch to a watery tasting light brew. In fact what I did was to up my game and switch to less quantity, higher quality, with Imperial IPAs, or Imperial stouts on the weekends. 

This is me after about forty pounds of weight loss in March of 2015. So, how did I lose weight? Please note that I did not say that this is how you should do it, only how I did it. I am neither a nutritionist nor a doctor. Well, the secret is simply portion control and changing eating habits. You don't need a paid program, especially anyone that requires you to buy their products. 

First, I looked at what I ate and realized that my biggest problem was simply too much food, and the wrong foods, especially too much cheese, bread, and bacon. My diet, five days a week, now consists of a banana for breakfast, a large salad at lunch with homemade dressing, another banana and some raw almonds after dinner. For dinner it is strict portion control with four ounces of protein, a proper portion of starch, and some green vegetables. This all comes to under a thousand calories a day. I know, I just lost many of you, but it really is filling enough. 

So, what do I eat at dinner? Pasta with homemade sauce and four turkey meatballs once a week, fish twice a week, either salmon, tilapia, or shrimp, grilled chicken, and red meat only once a week at home. When we shop I portion out the proteins and freeze two servings for us. The trick is to make the food flavorful and pretty. Also, eat slow and drink a large glass of water before eating. Oh, and we stay away from any processed foods. We make everything fresh.

On Saturday we still go out to eat and I still get a nice big juicy cheeseburger. I did sub out the fries for a salad while I was losing though. Now I eat the fries. On Sunday I cook whatever looks interesting at the store. Today I will make steak fajitas with a homemade guacamole. 

Now that I am down to where I want to be, or at least close enough to it, I am taking in about five hundred more calories per day and I have stayed at 193 for about a month now. I have added a bit of exercise as well by walking a couple of miles a day. Over the next few months I will be posting a few low-calorie recipes for some of the foods I've been eating. 

I went to Sam's club the other day and picked up a fifty pound bag of rice and realized that I was carrying that much around all the time. It was heavy. My feet feel fine now, my knee is better, and my cholesterol is down. I also have a whole new wardrobe as I got rid of all of my fat clothes. I am down from a 42 waist to a 34 and my neck is three inches smaller. I hope to be able to stop using the CPAP machine soon too. 

Like I said, this worked for me. 

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