Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seven years of blogging and counting . . . and making some adjustments.

I just looked and realized that I have been doing this blog for close to seven years now. That is quite a bit of dining out which resulted in over 450 posts. It also resulted in some serious excess weight, well I did eat a bit too much at home too. As a result I have been watching what I eat and have dropped close to thirty pounds so far, with a goal of another thirty. I'll soon have to update my profile picture.

Over the years my focus has been primarily on reviewing restaurants. I started with burger places, and have added other types of food with the emphasis on places regular people go. Some posts are more picture oriented and others more wordy. 

In the future I intend to continue doing restaurant reviews, but I will be doing more articles and announcements as well. 

Beer-I have been neglecting this part of the blog, so expect more reviews of beers and breweries. If you are a brewer and want to get the word out, let me know and I may pass it on for you.

Events and festivals-My favorite is the Greenwich Wine and Food Festival in the fall. If you are planning an event or festival, and would like some press coverage, send me your info and I will pass it on if it is in my regular areas. Want better coverage? Give me two press passes (my wife travels with me) and I will attend if I am in the area. You'll get some nice pictures and a writeup.

Restaurant news-If something exciting is going on in your restaurant, or you are opening a new one in my areas, let me know and I might just announce it for you.

Food trends-I will be looking at trends in the industry and reporting on them.

My areas of travel are the Hudson Valley of New York, Fairfield County, Ct., Northern New Jersey, The Philadelphia region, and Wilmington, NC. To get in touch with me drop me an email at or tweet me @ecforman

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