Saturday, January 24, 2015

Kiernan's Pub & Tavern- Pine Bush, NY

Kiernan's Pub and Tavern in Pine Bush is owned by the same people who have Kiernan Farm, a grass fed beef business in the area. I've had their beef in other restaurants and when I heard they'd taken over the old Ajay's in Pine Bush, an interesting place in its day, I was excited and wanted to get there. 

We went on a snowy Saturday after the roads were cleared and while the bar was packed with men who'd just finished a marathon session of snow plowing, we were the only diners. The inside is rustic, all wood, with sporting and outdoors themed pictures on the walls. The bartender was also waiting tables, but in spite of covering such a large area, she gave us excellent service.

I knew what I wanted before we even left the house. Having been watching what we eat for the past two months (27 pounds lighter at this writing) I wanted a big juicy burger. We both ordered the half-pound burger medium with a salad to replace the fries (have to cut some of the calories). Mine was thirteen bucks as I added Swiss cheese and Teresa's burger was twelve bucks. 

The meat they use is grass fed and 90% lean and that can be dangerous to cook properly as it can dry out easily. This was not the case here even though my medium was closer to medium-well. It was a good burger, not awe-inspiring or life-changing as I had hoped, but a good burger none-the-less. What was lacking was any seasoning that I could detect. Simple salt and pepper would have brought out the flavor of that delightful meat.

Would I go back? Yes, I will. Oh, and they don't take credit cards, just cash and personal checks. They do have an ATM.

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