Sunday, September 28, 2014

Greenwich Wine and Food Festival 2014 Recap

Rafael Palomino and Matt Storch
The 2014 Greenwich Wine and Food Festival is now in the archives, but the memories of some amazing food, as well as the memories of meeting and listening to some amazing chefs, lingers.  This year was even better than last year and the set-up was better organized giving an easier flow through the festival.

Anne Burrell
CTbites, a premier food writing community, along with Serendipity Magazine, set up the blogger lounge once again and many of the celebrities were there to speak and pose for pictures. It's interesting to see some of the people you see on TV in person and realize that their persona is the same as on the screen. 

Geoffrey Zakarian and Adam Richman
Geoffrey Zakarian is much taller than I thought and he has a very firm handshake. He was an economics major in college before going to France and falling in love with food. 
Chef Fritz
The proceeds from the event went to The Hole in the Wall Camp which is an amazing charity giving camp experience to childhood cancer patients. Many years ago my nephew attended their camp in New York and he still remembers it fondly.
Kathy Lee Gifford
Kathy Lee Gifford was there promoting her new line of wines and she was much more interesting live than on TV.  

The food was of course the real star of the event as many fine restaurants offered samples of their fare. I loved the burger battle and sampled a few, but by this time of the day my stomach couldn't take any more food. I really need to learn to pace myself better. At any rate, here are a few more pictures which will speak better than my words.

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