Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chops Deli- Wilmington, NC

Chops Deli on Front Street In Wilmington has a sign proudly proclaiming that it's a Boar's Head deli. Coming from a land where delis abound, and are usually stocked with Boar's Head Cold cuts and some which are even better, my initial reaction was a disinterested yawn. Chops does have a stellar reputation, and I tried and liked their new location near the beach, so I put it on the list. 

The cold cuts are good, and give the pallet by which masterful sandwich creations are made. It isn't just the good product, it is the interesting combinations they have come up with, all named after cities and places. I had the Tripoli which had pastrami, roast beef, Corned beef, provolone, Swiss, and more. Teresa  and Rachel had the Marseille which had chicken, brie, and greens on a baguette. Sarah got the Plymouth which was turkey. All were excellent. 

My sole complaint is that they need better ventilation in the cooking area. Bread and butter meeting a hot panini press give off enough smoke to make one feel like they are in the midst of a Journey song. That having been the case, and it being a delightful day, we ate outside.

Overall, quite good but a bit pricey given that it was close to forty bucks for four sandwiches with only a small bag of chips as a side. I will be back to try some of the other creations.

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