Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Five Guys vs Jakes vs Shake Shake vs Smashburger

With the increase of higher-end burger restaurants (burgers between five and ten bucks) the question arises as to who has the best burger. I took a closer look at, and some serious tasting of, four burgers restaurants over the summer and here are my opinions and rankings of them. Bear in mind that these are simply the opinions of one man and may be arbitrary and capricious, so read with caution and if you work for one of these places don't get all that overworked over it.


1. Smashburger- Fast becoming a favorite. The burgers are great and they have a regional specialty in each location. Shakes are good and they have the best fries. 

Jake's Wayback Burgers

2. Jake's Wayback- Running a very close second is Jake's. The burgers are good, try the burger of the month, and I like the shakes as well. Fries are quite good.

Shake Shack

3. Shake Shack- The burger is good, but a bit bland. Perhaps some simple seasoning would help, or maybe I need to add some toppings. The fries are okay, but I usually find them a bit undercooked. 

Five Guys

4. Five Guys- Once a favorite, Five Guys now holds last place in my order of preference. They haven't changed, but others are simply doing it better. The presentation is messy and while there is flavor, they taste a bit greasy compared to the others. The fries are plentiful, but not as good as they are at Smashburger. 

Update- Since writing this, I tried Habit Burger and that changes the equation a bit. I have to go again to check consistency, but I would put them about second place.

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