Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shake Shake- King of Prussia, PA

The Shake Shack at King of Prussia is a stand-alone store in the mall parking lot and is similar in design to the one on Rt 17 in New Jersey. We got there on a Thursday afternoon and there was no line which was a nice thing. 

Now this is my third Shake Shack visit to as many locations and I must say that I do so want to love it like so many in their cult-like following do. The rolls are fresh, the meat is fresh, the presentation is nice, and the concept is cool. Think of them as the Starbucks of burger restaurants. 

The shakes are excellent and the fries are okay, not phenomenal. I like shoestring fries but these seem to be a tad undercooked in the middle. My only problem with the burger is the lack of any taste, it seems like there is no seasoning used at all. Sure, it is juicy and clean with no repeating aftertaste an hour later, but there is no joy in the eating. Perhaps I need to add a few toppings for some flavor, but it should be able to stand up on its own in its pure state.

Don't get me wrong, everything was good enough and Shake Shack is a far better alternative to the King, the Redhead, and the Clown. It's just not as good as its reputation. Would I go again? Yes, I will give them another try.

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