Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Molly Maguire's- Downingtown, PA.

Braised steak and Guinness pie

Molly Maguire's in Downingtown is not your typical Irish pub. Sure, they pour a nice pint of Guinness and the staff have an Irish accent, but there is more. One look at the menu and you can see by the choices that they have a superior selection of food. When the food arrives you realize they are gourmet Irish.

The restaurant sits in the old firehouse with high ceilings and is appointed in dark wood with hardwood floors. The second floor houses a second bar and dining area for small banquets and there is a small hotel attached as well. Loaded with old world charm it is. There is a drawing of James Joyce on one of the walls and I think Mr. Joyce would feel right at home having a drink at Molly Maguire's, but then again he did like to drink.

We started with a pretzel for the kids and us to share and it was very good with a wonderful bacon and cheese dip. They also brought us some mustard.

On perusing the menu I was having some trouble deciding what to order. They offered a traditional Irish breakfast, fish and chips, shepherds' pie, burgers, and so much more. Since I'd had a burger the night before I narrowed it down to two choices, the steak and Guinness pie and the fish and chips. Our waiter, Jac, recommended the steak and Guinness at fifteen bucks and he was right. The dish was better than anything like it that I sampled in the Old Sod with a hearty flavor, yet with delicate notes. It came with two small soda bread muffins as well. 

Firehouse Boxty

Teresa decided on the Firehouse Boxty at twelve bucks with a side of house veggies. The boxty is a take on a wrap using a potato pancake to wrap the buffalo chicken and such. I tasted the chicken and it was well executed. The two grandchildren shared chicken strips and fries at five bucks and we had plenty to take home. Nicole got the veggie burger at eleven bucks and she enjoyed it. 

Overall we were quite pleased and I want to return to try a few more items. As I said in the beginning, we are talking gourmet Irish food here.  

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